Friday, 28 October 2016


Your eyes are like fire
when you look at me
I'm burning with desire.
Your arms around me
they pull me back
to a fantasy forgotten.
And your lips are touching my soul
like they know what to say.

The white smoke is filling up the room
I'm seeing angels dancing
but they're doomed.
The stars are falling
dead and cruel,
they make you look like a fool.

Once upon a dream
I thought you're not real
but your touch cuts deeper than a knife
so I keep bleeding in the night
and my eyes can't see clear.

Our lips are touching
my flame is dying,
I thought our souls are matching
but the void is purifying.
Hollow and cold,
I became you.
Numb and old,
you became me.

Emptiness is the smell of your new perfume.
Frozen and beautiful inside
with memories of a child's laughter 
and woman's cry.

Hold me tight till the sun is out
whisper death and life into my ear
breathe my air till I pass out
let me disappear.