Tuesday, 21 February 2017


He said bye to me
 and I couldn't make a sound.
 My mind says let it be
 but my heart is on the ground.
 Memories are dancing in the air tonight
 killing something beautiful we had. 
I'm tired and I can no longer fight
 why you're being so mad.
The song of silence is your new track
 you've always been a good writer.
 Painting everything black 
I've never been a strong fighter.
 What was once a child's game
 became a funeral of hearts.
 There's no one to blame 
I'll pick up my broken parts. 
Right from the start it's always been there
 how naive and blind I made me feel.
 To find some hope now I wouldn't even dare
 the wound is deep and I don't think it will heal.

 He said bye to me
 and I couldn't make a sound. 
But finally we were singing the same song.